Paint Protection

 At Car Detail Empire, we’re not just in the business of detailing and paint protection.

We’re a business built on customer experiences. You take immense pride in your vehicle, and you want it looking it’s best at all times. You want it to look just as it did the day that you drove out of the showroom, with that mirror-like finish – and that’s what we deliver. 

Most of the other Paint Protection offerings on the market aren’t a long term solution.

They require you to return to them with your car on a yearly basis, for a maintenance check-up, a decontamination wash and a top up of the coating – this is totally unnecesary, when you work with a company that uses the right Paint Protection solution. Or, as we put it – do it once, do it right.


Our Paint Protection solution of choice, Murano Ceramic Coating, requires no yearly inspections or top ups.

We have been testing Murano products on our own vehicles for years, so that we can stand behind the protection we choose. We’ve experienced a range of coatings made all over the world, and have found Murano’s ceramic coating to be truly excellent – performance under the Australian heat is essential!

Ready to make sure your car is truly protected?

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Here are just a few examples of what our Paint Protection service can cure and prevent!

Every Paint Protection session we handle, whether brand new from the showroom, or 5 years old, will receive a decontamination clay wash, a thorough inspection with specific lighting revealing imperfections such as microscopic scratching from incorrect washing methods, swirls, holograms, sanding etches from dust and industrial fall out, markings from touching, rubbing against the paint, that cannot be seen sitting in a showroom floor. All of this is corrected to perfection, and some, prior to our application process.



Appointments can be made for a studio session, based in South East Queensland, with complimentary courtesy car hire.  

You can also opt to have us come out to you, with our comprehensive Mobile vehicles servicing SEQ and Melbourne, with self sufficient Water and Power. 

Mobile service cost ranges from $25-75, depending on your location.

Sessions for cars up to 90 days old may take up to two working days to complete.  

For cars older than 90 days, please review the rejuvenating service options required prior to protection applications here, or call us now on 0447 755 730 (Andrew) or Free call any time 1300 995 100.


Murano Ceramic Coating – 9 Years Warranty | $1,500

Wheels & Brake Calipers | $450

Interior | $450

All above services come with warranty papers.

No yearly inspections or top ups, less washing in between and easy maintenance with less water!

Car not new?

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