Paint Protection

Having your car protected and detailed can be a big decision, and a considerable investment.

If you are getting polishing done, or have a new vehicle, paint protection is just for you.

Car Detail Empire provide world class Ceramic, Nano & Glass Coating systems from around the world. Our key brands we are applicators for are Diamond Plate Australia and TACSYSTEM.

These coatings are made up of SiO2 to repel and bead water, making it ever so easy to maintain your cars cleanliness and also help protect the paintwork from scratching due to incorrect washing methods.

Paint Protection also means longer periods between washing, less water, and protection against tree sap, and bird/bat droppings. We use different grades of thickness to achieve seals which can last anywhere from 6 months to 10 years, depending on the lifetime you desire.

Paint Protection can mean different things. People often question the notorious Ceramic Coating, or the Glass Coating, or Nano Technology.

Then there’s Paint Protection Film (PPF). Basically, they’re all very similar and achieve the same result intended.

The results will just vary in terms of how long these coatings will last, depending on the specific pack in question, as to what hydrophobic property percentage makeup it has.

In other words, you will be paying more money for a more durable coating, because it’s thicker, it will be more resistant to the outdoor elements and It will last longer. You can expect these coatings to last anywhere from 6 months to 7 years!


We have studios based in South East Queensland available by appointment with complimentary courtesy car hire.

We also have a fully equipped mobile service throughout all of SEQ and Melbourne, with water and power on board to perform these services.

Mobile service cost ranges from $25-75, depending on your location.



  • Exterior Diamond Plate 9H Ceramic Coating – 7 Years Warranty | $690
  • Wheels – 7 Years Warranty | $80
  • Interior | $200 or $80 per component ie. seats only.

All above services come with 7 years warranty, with papers.

No yearly inspections or top ups, less washing in between and easy maintenance, less water.

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