Exterior Emerald


We start this process with a snow foam pre-soak which is pH neutral. The purpose of this is to help relieve the stubborn stains and contaminants within the painted surface, allowing us to safely remove the dirt, bird or tree droppings and any bug or tar marks. We rinse the car before hand washing to help clean hard to reach areas eg. Front grille.

The next step is a pH neutral wash with a gentle application with our safe and plush mitts (usually wool or microfibre) which safely cleanse the paint surface avoiding microscopic scratching and holograms. The washing step is practiced in a professional technique we have been working on for years which is a front to back and side to side motion to ensure no spots are missed, and the emphasis of the final shine is the best it can be. We use a different mitt for the bumper bases, alloy wheels and wheel arches. The reason for this is because the brake dust lands on the bumper bases of the car and is essentially shards of metal. We are very careful and understand the importance of procedure to ensure we are keeping your car as safe as can be.

We will clean your wheels with an iron removing agent and a thin bristled brush for scrupulous designs and dress the tyres clean.
Following this, the car will be dried with a soft and plush accredited drying towel, safe for paint and proven to not scratch the cars paint surface. It is a fact that we actually use a new towel every five cleans.

The Clay bar process is a critical part of any quality detail process. This is used to remove oxidisation in the paintwork, industrial pollutants and microscopic fragments to a smooth finish essentially flattening the paint making it easier to keep clean and prepare for any forthcoming polishing systems. It is normal to see dirtiness removed from the paintwork even after a thorough clean.
The next step in this package is a single stage of polish compound used with the industry leading Rupes Bigfoot anti orbit contouring machine, leaving a safe and glossy mirror finish without any hazing, holograms or swirls. The detailer will advise if your car is in need of any further stages, generally a single stage is for fairly new vehicles. We finish this package off with a 6 month protection coating by TAC Systems, Quartz Max.

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