Paint Protection

Having your car detailed can be a considerable investment. If you are getting polishing done, or have a new vehicle, paint protection is just for you.

TAC SYSTEMS provide world class Glass Coating systems made up of SiO2 to repel and bead water, making it ever so easy to maintain your cars cleanliness and also protect the paintwork from scratching due to incorrect washing methods.

We use different grades of thickness to achieve seals which can last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years, depending on the lifetime you desire. 

Paint Protection can mean different things. People often question the notorious Ceramic Coating, or the Glass Coating, or Nano Technology. Then there’s Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Basically, they’re all very similar and achieve the same result intended. The results will just vary in terms of how long these coatings will last, depending on the specific pack in question, as to what hydrophobic property percentage makeup it has.

In other words, you will be paying more money for a more durable coating, because it’s thicker, it will be more resistant to the outdoor elements and It will last longer. You can expect these coatings to last anywhere from 6 months to 7 years!

But what’s the difference, and what do Car Detail Empire do?

Ceramic Coating is a thin liquid when applied to prepared paintwork, creates a bond with the painted surface allowing the coating to practically become one with the paint, and last up to, and more than 7 years. We are talking no inspection, no top coating and full warranty over the term. We use Diamond Plate. Different brands out there also promoting Ceramic Coating have the same chemical compound, just a different brand.

Glass Coating is a fantastic way to protect your paint, especially if you’re unsure of your budget. Glass Coating is basically Silicone Oxide (SiO2) which repels anything. It’s slippery, it’s durable, it’s great. These coatings are also applied in liquid form, and take time to cure on the paint, some with infrared lamps, to allow for a physical layer of glass coating your paintwork.

The Glass Coating systems we use are by TACSYSTEM. These all come with different percentage SiO2 content of makeup, and the thicker you want it, the more costly it becomes, therefore lasting longer. These systems are available from 5% to 90%, lasting from 6 months to 5 years, also with no inspection necessary, and warranty. Of course, as it is Silicone Oxide, you can of course top coat the surface in order to continue extending the life span and durability of the finish. We also sell top coat bottles for consumers wishing to do so.

Nano Technology is another liquid applied product providing hydrophobic properties allowing for the typical water beading and run off effects, you get with the Ceramic and Glass coatings. Nano Technology is easy to apply and can be reapplied easily as a spray and wipe application over and over, to continue leaving you with these effects, even performed by the consumer. These systems we use are by TACSYSTEM also.

The Nano Technology doesn’t quite protect the paintwork like how the Ceramic and Glass coating systems do. The TACSYSTEM Glass Coats are also part made of ZR and TiO2 which help create a durable bond aiding in a self-cleaning functionality finish, making life easier for you. It goes without saying, that the Ceramic Coating and Glass Coating systems should be applied by a qualified applicator, so your car doesn’t have an uneven and obvious incorrect coating finish, and you get warranty with your service.

As for Paint Protection Film (PPF), this is the best way to protect your paint. It will actually protect your paint from stone chips, scratches, incorrect washing from self or open business car washes with a lack of safe washing care, and oxidisation. PPF literally self-repairs every day, every minute it sits in the sun. Usually the UV rays from the sun are a killer for paintwork, and whereas the Ceramic and Glass Coatings are the best thing to prevent your paint from UV damage, the PPF actually thrives off it to continue providing the best and flattest finish on the paint’s surface.

It is almost the perfect solution for your paint, but there’s a few cons to this.

One being that it is quite expensive. Most consumers only end up protecting the front third of their car where the common impact from the road is endured, costing approximately more than a Ceramic and Glass Coating, however only to a portion of their paintwork, and leaving the rest bare, or, alternatively, going the whole distance and getting PPF installed to the entire vehicle, which can cost up to $5,000.

Secondly, if you choose to only protect a high impact portion of your car, you will notice the paint finish separately between the protected and unprotected panels, due to the PPF being a plastic film over your paintwork, rather than a clear and bonded liquid form coating.

This brings us to the third point, in saying that due to the film being noticeable, you will actually never get the ultimate deep finish, with the most aesthetic potential that you crave for your expensive car. This usually spreads the difference between which coating you choose to get. It basically depends how much you are going to be driving your car.

Remember, if you’re stuck, we are always a free call away 1300 995 100.

These are big decisions which will create a big impact on your car. You need to make the right decision and be confident in doing so. We want you to feel comfortable before proceeding.

Paint Protection

TACSYSTEM Glass Coating options are the perfect way to compliment a thorough detail

Protect your car's paintwork for up to 5 years

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