Pomponazzi Quartz Glass Coating

 At Car Detail Empire, we’re not just in the business of detailing and paint protection.

We’re a business built on customer experiences. You take immense pride in your vehicle, and you want it looking it’s best at all times. You want it to look just as it did the day that you drove out of the showroom, with that mirror-like finish – and that’s what we deliver. 

Most of the other Paint Protection offerings on the market aren’t a long term solution.

They require you to return to them with your car on a yearly basis, for a maintenance check-up, a decontamination wash and a top up of the coating – this is totally unnecesary, when you work with a company that uses the right Paint Protection solution. Or, as we put it – do it once, do it right.


Pomponazzi has been developing their products for over 20 years, essentially allowing our customers to have peace of mind when it comes to looking after their asset for years to come. All of the Pomponazzi products have been independently laboratory tested, and also offer complete interior protective systems. Pomponazzi provides up to 5 years warranty on their protection systems and can back up your warranty registration in any state, with any registered applicator. If you move to a new house, change registration, or sell the car, the warranty still stands.

So through our decision to use Pomponazzi, and your choice to use our Paint Protection specialists – you can rest assured your car will always look amazing and is always covered by an industry leading warranty.

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Here are just a few examples of what our Paint Protection service can cure and prevent!

Every Paint Protection session we handle, whether brand new from the showroom, or 5 years old, will receive a decontamination clay wash, a thorough inspection with specific lighting revealing imperfections such as microscopic scratching from incorrect washing methods, swirls, holograms, sanding etches from dust and industrial fall out, markings from touching, rubbing against the paint, that cannot be seen sitting in a showroom floor. All of this is corrected to perfection prior to our application process.



Pomponazzi 880xx Quartz Glass Coating – Exterior Paint | Starting from $2200

All of our paint protection options require a decontamination and polishing process to ensure the final result is the absolute best it possibly can be – this is usually between $300 – $550. 

All above services come with 5 years warranty, with papers.

No yearly inspections or top ups, less washing in between and easy maintenance, less water.

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