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Car Detail Empire’s paint protection services go well beyond the offerings of dealerships, to create a higher quality, longer lasting bond between the protective coat and your vehicle’s paintwork.

Under special lighting, we meticulously review the entire surface for imperfections, then decontaminate and remove them for FREE on vehicles purchased within 90 days.

What you can expect from our Diamond Plate 9H Ceramic 7-YEAR coating service:

– 10% greater shine
– Superior UV resistance
– Protection from animal/plant contamination
– Doesn’t erode with over 5000 tested washes
– Comes with a 7-year certificate of guarantee
– Free paint care and maintenance instruction on completion
– We even protect your door jams and hinges!!!
– FREE WASH PACKET (Shampoo, Mitt and Drying Towel)
– Backed by over 100 years of research and manufacturing
– Nano ceramic technology for long term peace of mind

+ NO FOLLOW UPS NECESSARY (unlike other providers, ours is a one-time cost – and at a fraction of the dealership prices)

We have protective solutions for all interior needs, and your wheels for easy ongoing care.

Cut through the options, with services a cut above the rest. Call Car Detail Empire today.

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Here are just a few examples of what our Paint Protection service can cure and prevent!


Appointments can be made for a studio session, based in South East Queensland, with complimentary courtesy car hire.  

You can also opt to have us come out to you, with our comprehensive Mobile vehicles servicing SEQ and Melbourne, with self sufficient Water and Power. 

Mobile service cost ranges from $25-75, depending on your location.

Sessions for cars up to 90 days old may take up to two working days to complete.  

For cars older than 90 days, please review the rejuvenating service options required prior to protection applications here, or call us now on 0447 755 730 (Andrew) or Free call any time 1300 995 100.



Exterior Diamond Plate 9H Ceramic Coating – 7 Years Warranty | $690

Wheels – 7 Years Warranty | $80

Interior | $200 or $80 per component ie. seats only.

All above services come with 7 years warranty, with papers.

No yearly inspections or top ups, less washing in between and easy maintenance, less water.

Car not new?

Check out our maintenance packages here.

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